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Jamie Lilac's debut BELLEGARDE, pitched as She's All That reimagined in 18th-century France, is a historical rom-com with a modern twist, in which a second-born son makes a deal: if he can turn the unapproachable baker's daughter into the winner of the court ball, making her the most desired bachelorette in Paris, he inherits the family fortune, but his target has plans of her own, to Elizabeth Lynch at Harper Teen, for publication in summer 2023, by Kristy Hunter at The Knight Agency (NA).

Film /TV: Hannah Vaughn at the Gersh Agency


Praise for Bellegarde

The She’s All That historical romance retelling of my dreams! When I wasn’t savoring the lush, descriptive prose, I was eagerly devouring the smart, perfectly paced, heart-pounding romance. There’s no doubt about it: Jamie Lilac makes a sparkling debut.   — Brian Kennedy, author of A Little Bit Country

"Je l’adore! As delightful and sugary sweet as can be—swooning in Parisian gardens and soirees at châteaus, this book is a decadent treat! — Robby Weber, author of If You Change Your Mind

As sweet as a macaron and as colorfully fun as a Rococo gown. This is the YA spin on Bridgerton that I've been waiting for! — Allyson Dahlin, author of Cake Eater

“Bellegarde takes readers on a whirlwind adventure through the bakeries and ballrooms of 18th century France while keeping the tone light and modern. Utterly unique and addictive, I’m adding Jamie Lilac to my auto-buy list!” — Kristy Boyce, author of Hot British Boyfriend

"Bellegarde is full of delightful characters that are easy to root for. A charming romance with a stunning setting. Full of the quiet pining that makes fake-dating so delectable." — Kelly Ohlert, author of To Get to the Other Side

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